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1st District Democrats

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General 3rd Monday of the month 7:00 — 9:00 PM IUOE Hall 18701 120th Ave NE Bothell

Officers and Committee Chairs

For a list of this district's KCDCC Executive Board members in order of succession, go here.

Phone Email City
District Chair
Monica Chilton
Mountlake Terrace
1st Vice-Chair
Roger T Burton
425.487.2262 (H) rtburton/at/ Bothell
2nd Vice-Chair
Timothy (Tim) Carr
3rd Vice-Chair
Marcia J Stedman
425.483.4107 (H)
marcia.stedman/at/ Bothell
State Committee Representative
Phillip E Pacini
ppacini/at/ Bothell
Hillary Moralez 425.286.5399 (C) Bothell
SCDCC Representative
Chad Bates
206.910.8173 (C) Bothell
Cassidy Butler Bothell
KCDCC Representative
David Hablewitz
Rosemary Sutton 216.385.5330 rosemaryesutton/at/ Bothell
KCDCC Alternate
Hillary Moralez
425.286.5399 (C) Bothell
Charles Liu
425.698.0919 (C) Bothell
Committee Chair — Membership
Committee Chair — Communications
Committee Chair — Issues
Committee Chair — Events
Committee Chair — Elections