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34th District Democrats

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General 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:00 — 9:00 PM The Hall at Fauntleroy 9131 California Ave SW Seattle

Officers and Committee Chairs

For a list of this district's KCDCC Executive Board members in order of succession, go here.

Phone Email City
District Chair
David Ginsberg
1st Vice-Chair
2nd Vice-Chair
Michael Taylor-Judd
206.914.0564 (C) michael.taylor_judd/at/ Seattle
State Committeewoman
Ann Martin
206.935.4693 martinhtam/at/ Seattle
State Committeeman
Chris L Porter
206.251.8627 (H) cporter34thdem/at/
KCDCC Female Delegate
KCDCC Male Delegate
Les Treall
206.948.5423 les.treall/at/ Seattle
KCDCC Female Alternate
Martha K Koester
206.762.6417 (H) fomalhaut2003/at/ Seattle
KCDCC Male Alternate
Ted B Barker
206.954.7755 (C) tbarker/at/ Seattle
Jason Lidin Cheung
206.851.6180 (C) cheung3_16/at/ Burien
Gina Topp
Committee Chair — LAC/Platform/Res
Committee Chair — PCO/Area
Brooks Salazar
pco/at/ Seattle
Committee Chair — Newsletter
Committee Chair — Communications
Information Technology Manager
Committee Chair — Finance
Committee Chair — Fundraising
Committee Chair — Membership
Committee Chair — Outreach
Committee Chair — Bylaws & Rules
Committee Chair — Caucus/Elections
Committee Chair — Hospitality
Committee Chair — Diversity
Committee Chair — Website