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37th District Democrats

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PCO lists:  Current PCOs , Changes since the 2016 reorg , Current Vacancies , 2015-2016 PCOs


General 2nd Monday of the month 7:00 — 9:00 PM Ethiopian Community Mutual Association 8323 Rainier Ave S Seattle

Officers and Committee Chairs

For a list of this district's KCDCC Executive Board members in order of succession, go here.

Phone Email City
District Chair
Alec Stephens
alecstephensjr/at/ Seattle
1st Vice-Chair
Chase Cross
425.941.9724 (C) Seattle
2nd Vice-Chair
Derek Richards
kcydpoliticaldirector/at/ Seattle
3rd Vice-Chair
Juan Alejandro Ponce
4th Vice-Chair — Communications and Technology
Michael Connolly
206.399.4538 (H) mikeconn/at/ Seattle
State Committeewoman
Shasti Conrad
503.577.9091 (C) Seattle
State Committeeman
Alec Stephens
alecstephensjr/at/ Seattle
KCDCC Female Delegate
Susan Sherbina
206.784.5424 susanatsturgus/at/ Seattle
KCDCC Male Delegate
Chukundi Salisbury
KCDCC Female Alternate
KCDCC Male Alternate
Derek Richards
kcydpoliticaldirector/at/ Seattle
Legislative Action Committee Female
Legislative Action Committee Male
At-Large Member
PCO Coordinator
Rachael Anne Ludwick
rachael/at/ Seattle
Shasti Conrad 503.577.9091 (C) Seattle