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48th District Democrats

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General 3rd Wednesday of the month 7:00 — 9:00 PM Clyde Hill Elementary School 9601 NE 24th St Bellevue

Officers and Committee Chairs

For a list of this district's KCDCC Executive Board members in order of succession, go here.

Phone Email City
District Chair
James Terwilliger
425.999.2748 james.terwilliger/at/ Redmond
Vice Chair
Lisa R Weber
425.941.3462 lisaweber99/at/ Bellevue
Suzanne (Sue) Boone
425.643.8542 (H)
State Committeewoman
Rebecca (Becky) Lewis
425.746.5869 (H)
425.890.5382 (W)
rebeccie/at/ Bellevue
State Committeeman
Santiago Ramos
206.595.8267 (C) ramosjs/at/ Kirkland
KCDCC Female Delegate
Mary G Wirta
425.881.2349 (H) mgwirta2004/at/ Redmond
KCDCC Male Delegate
Dwight Rousu
425.702.8583 (H)
425.445.3710 (C)
rousu/at/ Redmond
KCDCC Female Alternate
Yosefa C Kouse
425.301.9174 (C) yosefak/at/ Redmond
KCDCC Male Alternate
Zeke Tan
734.619.0427 (C) wazeketan/at/ Redmond
Committee Chair — Membership
Zenda Boss-Hall
425.455.4416 zendaboss-hall/at/ Bellevue
Committee Chair — Rules
Randy Grein
425.256.0317 rgrein/at/ Bellevue
Committee Chair — Communication
Tyler Cole
360.510.7787 tyler/at/ Bellevue
Committee Chair — Events and Fundraising
Christine D Bear
christy2/at/ Bellevue
Committee Chair — Legislative Action
Brayden Olson
Committee Chair — Young Democrats
Aaron Tam
971.801.0156 (C) aarontam15/at/
Committee Chair — Ethnic Diversity
Lisa R Weber
425.941.3462 lisaweber99/at/ Bellevue
PCO Coordinator
Ira L Weise
925.457.4761 (C) iraweise/at/ Kirkland
Committee Chair — Endorsements
Jamila Kaya
360.223.4000 (C) jetsparkii/at/ Redmond