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5th District Democrats

Organization website, Bylaws
PCO lists:  Current PCOs , Changes since the 2016 reorg , Current Vacancies , 2015-2016 PCOs


General 3rd Wednesday of the month 7:00 — 9:00 PM Varies; see website

Officers and Committee Chairs

For a list of this district's KCDCC Executive Board members in order of succession, go here.

Phone Email City
District Chair
Martin Chaney
425.880.4220 (H)
425.466.8071 (C)
martin/at/ Carnation
1st Vice Chair
Barbara A (Barb) Olsen
218.349.6681 (C)
425.788.5769 (H)
barbolsenduluth/at/ Duvall
2nd Vice Chair
Roger A Ledbetter
425.888.0644 (H) lisaandroger/at/ Snoqualmie
State Committeewoman
Gloria Hatcher-Mays
425.254.3324 (H)
206.282.2345 (C)
206.684.8691 (W)
ghatche/at/ Renton
State Committeeman
Joshua E Trupin
425.202.5292 (C) trupin/at/ North Bend
KCDCC Female Delegate
Ava Mac Dougall Frisinger
425.392.5797 (H)
425.999.0288 (C)
ava/at/ Issaquah
KCDCC Male Delegate
Philip A Smith
206.595.0164 philip.a.smith/at/ Maple Valley
KCDCC Female Alternate
Carol Lynn Harp
calliopy/at/ Black Diamond
KCDCC Male Alternate
Lloyd Buster
425.229.5137 (C)
360.886.1095 (H)
lloydbuster2/at/ Ravensdale
Young Democrats Representative
Jessica Soderman
jessicasoderman/at/ Preston
Young Democrats Alternate
Kylea Parks
Kenneth Carl Shankland
425.358.1552 (C) kcshankland.mpa/at/ Maple Valley
Dutch Thomassen Meyer
503.435.8925 (C)
425.844.2637 (H)
hotcha/at/ Duvall
Committee Chair — Endorsement
Committee Chair — PCO
Sarah Perry
206.228.0505 sarahperry10/at/ Issaquah
Committee Chair — Communications
Gretchen Richter De Medeiros
grdemedeiros/at/ Fall City
Committee Chair — Membership
Cameron Jezorek
336.655.0971 (C) cbjezorek.5thdems/at/ Maple Valley
Committee Chair — Legislative Action
James Mayhew
rjmayhew/at/ Snoqualmie
Committee Chair — Affirmative Action and Outreach
Althea Saldanha
althea.saldanha/at/ Issaquah
Committee Chair — Platform, Bylaws, and Resolutions
Jennifer Ikuta
Committee Chair — Data and Technology
Mark Hoben
206.604.5691 (C) mark.hoben/at/ Maple Valley
3rd Vice Chair
Darcy G Burner
425.749.8070 (C)
Snoqualmie City Lead
Eliza Sells
425.292.3262 (H)
248.880.3847 (C)
eliza.sells/at/ Snoqualmie
Maple Valley City Lead
Matthew Ryan Jezorek
206.701.4099 (C) matt/at/ Maple Valley
North Bend City Lead
Dianna Phillips
425.888.2414 (H) lyrice37/at/ North Bend
Committee Chair — Environmental Issues
Rebecca (Becky) Chaney
425.880.4220 (H) becky/at/ Carnation
Committee Chair — Facilities
Jean M Marston
916.212.6167 (C) jmmmarston/at/
Maple Valley